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Teaching Resources

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This is the LASFF´s 17th edition of the festival and, as with the previous ones, it is a great opportunity for speakers of other languages in New Zealand to be in contact with the Latin American and Spanish cultures, and the music of the Spanish language. And for those who can already speak Spanish it is also a way of improving their listening comprehension skills.

 With this idea in mind, the organising committee decided to offer once again some useful teaching resources that can be used by Spanish teachers, and eventually students, to practise and assess their knowledge.

 We are very grateful to Carlos H. Junca and Nuria Canorea Martínez, the Spanish teachers in New Zealand who created the resources that you can find in the following links:

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·         Cuaderno del estudiante Hijo de la novia

·         Cuaderno del profesor Miguel y William

·         Cuaderno del estudiante Miguel y William

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