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At 60 KM/H

Country: Uruguay
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
Genre: Documentary
Length: 90 min
Release: 2014
Director: Facundo Marguery

Cast: Matías Sabah, Juan Pedro Piñeirua, Facundo Marguery, Joaquín González y Nicolás Oten

Also Known As: A 60 km/h
Trailer available here. 


When he was 50 years old, Mario Sabah decided to change his life. He restored his 1977 Citroen and along with his two sons embarked on a trip around the world, taking in 45 countries spanning 5 continents and driving more than 150,000km.

Using interviews with the main characters as well as footage shot during the trip, At 60km/h tells a story about family, sacrifice, perserverence, beliefs and the value of keeping your word.

At 60km/h is a trip, an adventure. But at the same time it’s a story of making your dreams a reality.