Promenade Women

Promenade Women/Rambleras

Country: Uruguay
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy
Length: 93 min.
Release: 2013
Directed By: Daniela Speranza

Cast: Vicky Rodríguez Cartagena, María Elena Pérez, Adriana Aizenberg, Eduardo Migliónico , Mario Erramuspe, Ana Rosa.

Also known as: Rambleras


The seaside promenade in Montevideo is the setting for three women struggling with life’s ups-and-downs as they search for happiness. The women – a single girl, scared of being alone forever, another whose man is still attached to his ex-wife and an old lady who has nobody left – will learn from each other that it’s always possible to shift and get out of one’s current existence. Somewhere between the luminous spring sky and the promenade, these intimate stories reflect a small and rather lonely world, but one where a generous helping of humour plays an important part.

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