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A Shadow on the Front

Country: Peru
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
Genre: Historical Drama 
Length: 135 min
Release: 2007
Director: Augusto Tamayo

Cast: Diego Bertie, Vanessa Saba, Carlos Carlín, Alberto Ísola, Paul Vega, Gianfranco Brero
Also Known As: Una sombra al frente
Trailer available here. 



This movie is inspired by real events. Set in the early twentieth century, it tells the story of Enrique Aet, a young Peruvian engineer who seeks to connect the Amazon rainforest with the rest of Peru.

First, Aet is involved in the construction of roads and bridges over the rivers of the Amazon. With the fall of a bridge he has an accident and must return to Lima. There he meets Doris, a young bourgeois with whom he initiates an intimate relationship.

Then he embarks on a journey to Europe and becomes a telegraph connoisseur. When he returns to Peru, he struggles to apply the progress he knew in the Old Continent to help his own country.