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Illusions LTD/ Ilusiones SA

Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama/ Romantic comedy
Length:92 min.
Year: 2015
Directed By: Roberto Girault

Cast:Jaime Camil, Adriana Louvier, Silvia Mariscal, Roberto D’Amico

Also known as: Ilusiones SA



A group of professional actors work for a company that specialises in infiltrating its personnel into real life situations to make people’s dreams come true. One day, they are hired by a wealthy man, Mr Balboa, a grandfather who has attempted to shield his wife from pain by means of faked letters that claim to be from their grandson who left home 20 years previously, portraying him as a good, upstanding citizen, when in fact he is just the opposite. The actors visit the elderly couple for a week’s break, pretending to be the grandson and his wife, but events take a turn for the worst when they are joined by an unexpected guest.