Margarita, that sweet chaos

Margarita, that sweet chaos /Margarita, ese dulce caos

Country: Peru
Language: Spanish with english subtitles
Genre: Comedy
Length: 99 min.
Release: 2016
Directed By: Frank Pérez Garland
Written By: Vanessa Saba

Cast: Giovanni Ciccia, Melania Urbina, Vanessa Saba, Francisca Aronsson, César Ritter, María Grazia Gamarra, Yvonne Frayssinet.

Also known as: Margarita


Rafo is a divorced father in his forties who lives like a single in his twenties until his cute and determined dauther of 11 years old, Margarita, knock his door and move in to his house without previous notice. The life of Rafo will give a dramatic, chaotic and funny shake up through which he will discover himself and other people like Claudia, his pretty neighbour. Margarita will change the life of Rafo and everybody around her, forever.

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