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A Secret in the Box

Country: Ecuador
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
Genre: Documentary 
Length: 70 min
Release: 2016

Director: Javier Izquierdo
Cast: Alfredo Espinosa, Michael Thomas, Angel Gavilanez, Yolanda Acosta, Antonio Ordoñez, José Ignacio
Also Known As: Un secreto en la caja
Trailer available here. 


A Secret in the Box is a documentary exploring the life of Ecuadorian writer Marcelo Chiriboga, a mythical figure of the 1960s literary phenomenon, the Latin American Boom. Through a series of interviews, visits to different cities, archive material and the author’s most important book, The Imaginary Line, puzzles are weaved, erasing the limits between reality and fiction.

The figure of Chiriboga ends up being a pretext to explore, with humour and irony, various subjects related to national identity: past wars, the indifference towards local literature, and the conflicts/complexities of national ideology, exile and literature.