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Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
Genre: Drama/adventure
Length: 80 min
Release: 2016
Director: Viviana Gómez Echeverry

Cast: Elsa Whitaker Sanchez, Sebastián Enciso Salamanca, Felipe Cabeza, Mercedes Salazar, Anthony Assaf Howard, Norvel Walters
Trailer available here. 



Keyla lives with her father on the island of Providencia, a former “land of pirates” in the Colombian Caribbean. On her 17th birthday she waits in vain for her father who went out to sea and has not returned. While searching for him, Keyla receives an unexpected visit: her father’s former wife arrives from Spain with her 13-year-old son Francisco, Keyla’s half-brother. Together with Francisco, Keyla discovers that their father kept a map of the pirate Henry Morgan which shows the location of a hidden treasure. Together they undertake a search and, on this journey, they get to know one another and accept each other as siblings. This is the story of a broken family that, through the loss of one of its members, comes together and works toward reconciliation.