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The Dragon’s Defense / La defensa del dragón

Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama
Length: 80 min
Release: 2017
Directed By: Natalia Santa

Cast: Gonzalo de Sagarminaga, Hernán Méndez, Manuel Navarro, Victoria Hernandez, Maia Landaburu, Martha Leal, Laura Osma




Samuel (53) is a professional chess player who lives betting on small games that he knows won. His best friend is Joaquin (65), a consecrated watchmaker who is about to lose the workshop he inherited from his father, and Marcos (72), is a Spanish homeopath who is dedicated to finding the formula to win in poker. Life will teach them that it is never too late to risk losing. The three friends have found shelter in the safety of their routines, avoiding to facing up to their failures. Different events will affect their everyday lives and they will understand that in life, as in love, it is never too late to take a chance to lose.